ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the EU

Workshop on Food Safety Emergency Preparedness and Response

Held via an on-line Meeting Platform, 14-16 October 2020.

ARISE Plus  participated in a workshop organised under the auspices of ASEAN  Health Cluster 4 Working Group (AHC4). ARISE Plus supported the activity through the participation of Food Safety Experts and would like to thank Indonesia for organising and hosting the event.
ARISE Plus has been supporting ASEAN to develop the ASEAN Guidelines for Traceability in Food and Feed. through an initiative led by Agriculture Sector, namely the ASEAN Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed National Contact Points (ARASFF NCP) working group.The guidelines are now in the final stages and have a wide application for regulators in the food & feed safety and agriculture sectors. The guidelines prescribe essential requirements for traceability in the food and feed chain that ASEAN Members States should implement. Traceability systems, when established will enable the implementation of requirements for responding to food and feed safety alerts and dealing with emergencies.

ARISE Plus experts contributed by elaborating on

  • The ASEAN Guideline on ASEAN on Traceability System ? rationale and content
  • National Traceability Systems, Discussions and pointers on development and implementation and application in Food Safety Events
  • Case Studies in Traceability in response to Food safety Events (examples from ASEAN and the EU

More than 60 participants who included policy makers as well as officers in the food safety and public health and other relevant sectors from ASEAN Member States under Health Cluster 4 Working Group and ARASFF National Contact Points, INFOSAN Focal Point, IHR, ARASFF Contact Point, and CODEX Contact Points participated in this successful event.

As part of the ongoing Food Safety initiatives, ARISE Plus is planning an on-line workshop and discussion to finalize the ASEAN Guidelines for Traceability in Food at the end of November 2020. This document, when adopted by the relevant ASEAN bodies, will establish harmonised essential requirement across ASEAN facilitating mutual cooperation and trade in food and animal feed.

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