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Workshop on Updating the ASEAN Guidelines on Harmonisation of Standards

Virtual Workshop
1-2 November 2021

A workshop was organised by ARISE Plus to support Working Group 1 to update the current ASEAN Guidelines for the Harmonisation of Standards.

The ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards & Quality (ACCSQ) has a targeted objective to ensure that there are sufficient relevant harmonised standards to support all planned market integration initiatives that are implemented by its working groups and product working groups. Working Group 1 (WG 1) has been assigned the responsibility for leading and coordinating Standards in ASEAN. It has reviewed the methods for the identification harmonised standards needed in ASEAN and the processes adopted for the harmonisation.

The workshop was preceded by a series of discussions on the strengthening and widening the scope of harmonisation of standards in ASEAN. These discussions resulted in a proposal for changes in the current processes for harmonisation of standards. ARISE Plus provided support by drafting revisions to the Guidelines to incorporate a revised and updated process. The revised process clarifies redefines roles of the bodies under the ACCSQ reinforces the role of Member States National Standards Bodies.

Due to the significance and impact of the changes, WG 1 proposed a wide consultation that included ACCSQ, and all its working groups, product working groups and their respective task forces. The workshop was attended by 168 participants. The discussions resulted in consensus on all the major updates to the harmonisation process and adoption of a revised reporting and monitoring format. The revised draft of the ASEAN Guidelines will now be prepared for consideration for adoption by WI 1 and endorsement by ACCSQ. It is expected that, the improved process and added clarity will facilitate the harmonisation of standards in ASEAN effectively.

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