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ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS) Private Sector Partnership Building: Outreach Event on North South Corridor

Upon successful completion of five private sector outreach events, covering Malaysia and Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Lao PDR, ARISE Plus built on the momentum and interest established by organising another outreach event. This event focussed on connecting private sector stakeholders along the ASEAN North-South Corridor. It brought together manufacturers, transporters and banks from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand to understand the practical aspects of ACTS and the many benefits it brings.

51 private sector stakeholders took time out of their busy schedules, on the 27 October 2022, to participate in the three-hour knowledge sharing and outreach event. The event included keynote speeches from industry who have benefitted from the ACTS. Mr S Prithviraj, the General Manager of City Zone Express Sdn Bhd, spoke about his positive experiences and the advantages of ACTS. Mr Witoon Santibunyarat the Group Managing Director of Amazing Logistics and Supply Chain Co. Ltd shared his experiences of using ACTS in his keynote address. Mr Witoon stated that as a result of using the ACTS, his company has benefitted from shortened journey time between Bangkok and Singapore which was a new record of two and a half days. The ARISE Plus key technical experts presented on; Introduction to ACTS: A Trader’s Perspective and How to become an ACTS Principal Trader & Support Provided by ARISE Plus.

“I discovered under ACTS we can shorten the transit time from Bangkok to Singapore. It takes only two and half days. This has never happened before!”

Mr.  Witoon Santibunyarat, Group Managing Director, Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Co. Ltd, Thailand

The Q&A session provided participants with the opportunity to seek further information on applied and logistical aspects. Several questions were raised suggesting participants were already thinking of operational matters, such as on the mutual recognition of driving licenses, type of vehicle permitted and on the bank guarantee. The discussion was very useful in facilitating clearer understanding and encouraging buy in. Compiled questions and written responses were shared after the event to ensure all participants were able to benefit from the exchange.  The ARISE Plus team and the Central Management Team (CMT) reiterated their commitment and availability to provide additional support in facilitating the use of ACTS if required.

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