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ASEAN Member States Continue Negotiations on the ASEAN Pharmaceutical Regulatory Framework (APRF) Agreement

The ASEAN Pharmaceutical Regulatory Framework Task Force (APRF TF) was established to  develop the ASEAN Pharmaceutical Regulatory Framework Agreement. The Task Force met for the second time to discuss development of the proposed ASEAN Pharmaceutical Regulatory Framework Agreement. Forty (47) ASEAN Officials representing all 10 Member States from the ASEAN Health Cluster 3 and the Pharmaceutical Product Working Group participated in the discussions. This workshop was facilitated by ARISE Plus in coordination with officers from the legal services department (LSAD) of the ASEAN Secretariat and was held on 11-13 July 2022. 

This second workshop follows the first workshop held on the 21st and 22nd  March 2022  workshop  and meeting of the  APRF TF Force.  Following a review of preliminary proposals for the agreement and recommendations made by Task Force Members, a first draft of the agreement was developed by ARISE Plus in consultation and coordination with and LSAD of the ASEAN Secretariat. The Task Force Members conducted in depth deliberations on the draft agreement and reached consensus on a significant portion of the provisions and noted that there were considerable issues that required continued discussions. The workshop participants agreed to meet again towards the end of August 2022 to continue the deliberations. They agreed that, for the next round of discussions, a new draft was recommended to be developed jointly by ARISE Plus and  LSAD, incorporating  recommendations of the workshop.

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